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Customer Feedback

“I'm writing today to communicate how pleased we are with our recent apheresis product from Key. It arrived in good condition and our analyses matched up with the spec sheet really, really well.” – MNC customer in the U.S.

“We trust you and Keybiologics as our best supplier as always. I appreciate your support.” – Mobilized customer in the U.S.

“Thanks for always giving us high quality collections, and helping us meet our timelines.” – MNC customer in the U.S.

“Thank you for making the necessary adjustments to the splitting process. We had a very successful run with the product! “ – MNC customer in the U.S.

“Thank you very much, I really appreciate the additional info. It has been a pleasure to work with you. I am glad that we now have a reliable contact for purchasing LPs. We will be in touch.” – U.S. customer

“After 5 years of liq N2 your PBMCs had over 95-98% viability which is very impressive especially with Mr Frosty freezing vessels.” – U.S. customer

“The leukopak worked wonderfully, thank you!” – MNC customer in the U.S.

“And as always thank you for the prompt response, Scott.”  -  Mobilized MNC customer in the U.S.

“Just wanted to let you know that we did get the product this morning and everything was in good order. Thanks for helping us get our first ‘sample’ here at our lab!” – MNC customer in the U.S.

“I know it can’t always be this good, but the TNC from the last two collections have been great for the studies we are working on.” – Mobilized MNC customer in the U.S.

 “Thanks again for great lines of communication throughout the process.” – Mobilized MNC customer in the U.S.

“Scott, the results of the sort were outstanding as well.  The CD34+ sorted product contained 4.5 x 10^8 nucleated cells, 98.9% CD34+, and >97% viable.  An excellent procedure all around.” – Mobilized MNC customer in the U.S.

“Thank you so much for all your help in getting this product for us.  Your company came highly recommended and I will continue to do the same.” – Mobilized MNC customer in the U.S.

“Wow—that’s about 600 million CD34 cells!  Must be that Memphis BBQ.  Thanks to you and your staff for doing such a great job! – Mobilized MNC customer in the U.S.

 “Great Job! Everything arrived safe and sound.” – MNC customer in the U.S.

“Thanks for the quick and easy service. The cells look good.” – Mobilized MNC customer in the U.S.

“Wow. Thanks, Scott! Great collections and as always a pleasure working with you during the collection process.” – Mobilized MNC customer in the U.S.

“Scott – thanks for the quick response as always!  We have just completed a whole bunch of work on the Key collections from the last weeks, and all of them worked really well in our systems.  Thanks for your efforts to provide high quality collections to us.” – MNC customer in the U.S.

“You are the best!” – MNC customer in the U.S.

”The product worked well, and we look forward to doing business with your company again.” – MNC customer in the U.S.

“We bought mobilized blood from you last year and were very happy with service and quality of the product” – MOB MNC customer in the U.S.

"That is great that you can fill all of the dates and we appreciate your excellent services as much as you appreciate our business!” – Mobilized MNC customer in U.S.

“Thanks very much for your flexibility.” – Mobilized MNC customer in U.S.

“As always, it's a total pleasure doing business with you!” – Mobilized MNC customer in U.S.

"Thanks so much for your services!" – Mobilized MNC customer in U.S.

“The MNC product was very good and we were able to do all the intended experiments.” – MNC customer in U.S.

“We received the cells early this morning so that we could directly process them today! Thank you very much.” – Mobilized MNC customer in Germany re: product shipped from Memphis

“Dear Scott, I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help (always) but especially for this project in Germany.  It has required so many additional details and time, including taking time out of your weekend, and you have been very helpful throughout the entire process.  We truly appreciate it and the success of this project would not have been possible without your help and flexibility.” – Mobilized MNC customer transferring technology to a European CMO.

“Hi Scott, The product you sent last week was very good, as usual.” – MNC customer in U.S.

“Many thanks for you detailed email. You are correct the 5L product you offer is a very similar match to what we have been receiving to date from alternative suppliers.

However, the 3x109 cell amount is well in excess of what we typically require to start our process and hence our search for a supplier that can provide us with equivalent material, but in smaller aliquots (1-1.5x109 cells). That is what drew us to Key Biologics initially, your ability to offer a product we haven’t been able to source to date.” – MNC customer in Europe

“Thanks again for keeping me updated and working through the travel-related [shipping] issues that were faced.” – Plateletpheresis customer in U.S.

“Thanks.  Product looks great!” – MNC customer in U.S.

“I am happy to report that a thermometer inserted in the center of the box and left for 5 min read 10C, which is exactly within the shipping parameters specified on the certificates of analysis.  Good job packing Key Biologics shipping team! Perhaps we won't be so frantic next time a refrigerated insulated box with $6K not-easily-replaced contents arrives a day late. Or at least a bit less frantic.” – Serum customer referring to weather-related delayed delivery of product.

“Hi, I really appreciate your making this shipment happen so quickly.” – Serum customer in U.S.

“Hi, Scott, the processing goes very well today. Thank you for your support!” – Mobilized MNC customer in U.S.

“We’ve just stocked our cryostorage with lots of cells from the last few weeks of aphereses you’ve sent us. I’m sure we’ll be looking for more in a month or two. Thanks for the great products!” – Mobilized MNC customer in U.S.

“Scott, Thank you so much for your patience and working with me last week with the collections. Please view the enclosed attachment regarding the shipping information
for all six collections.” – Mobilized MNC customer in U.S.

“Hi Scott, Thanks again for the shipment back in May, all went swimmingly! Would it be possible for you to draft a quote for a repeat? Many thanks.” – MNC customer in Europe

“Hi Scott, thanks for checking back.  The cells we received from you were of good quality and very useful.   We have finished several experiments already and are doing some more with material that we have frozen away. We may need a next batch early autumn; on the other hand, several other groups became interested in these cells who may contact you in the near future.” – MNC customer in Europe

"Getting some terrific results. Thanks again for the great products and customer service." – MNC customer in U.S.

"Thanks Scott.  We always appreciate the exemplary customer service you all provide." – MNC customer in U.S.

"Beautiful product. Please thank the apheresis group on my behalf." – MNC customer in U.S.

"Thanks for the delivery today, the cells look very good." – MNC customer in Europe

Customer Needs

“As a side note, how is the progress with being able to conduct bone marrow harvests. We do enjoy working with you and Key Biologics and it would be great to centralize our source for primary cells.”

Bone marrow aspirate collections are expected to be in place by the end of 2016. We intend to collect up to 100mL of marrow per subject, using multiple aspirations of 10mL or less to prevent dilution of the marrow with blood.

“Also I am curious if you have these types of equipment, COBE Spectra, Spectra Optia and Fenwal Amicus. In talking to the development group, they wanted to be able to have the ability to ask for collections to be performed from specific equipment.”

“Do you have a time frame as to when you will purchase Optia? I have another client interested in collections with Optia in the very near future?”
As of August 2015, Key Biologics has all three apheresis platforms in house and available for collections.

“Hi Scott, Your company was recommended to me by few people in the field as reliable source of research products for validations. We are currently conducting validation of our revised cryopreservation procedure and struggling to get enough products here.”

"Hi, Scott, I’d like to connect you to Dr. L., a good friend of mine and a professor at [an academic medical center].  He may need mobilized peripheral blood cells or even purified CD34+ cells, hope you can help him out.”

We appreciate our customers recommending our products and services.

“Hey Scott, What’s it look like for collections the week of 8/18? We’d like two [mobilized MNC collections] if possible. Thanks! “

Key was able to meet this request to provide multiple mobilized MNC products collected in the same week to the customer.

“We have suddenly found ourselves in a position needing cells sooner than anticipated! I know it is very late notice, but would it be too late to put an order in for 1x109 cells (PB001-3) as previously quoted for, for delivery [in England 8 days from now]?”

While we prefer to have as much advance notice as possible, Key is able to provide products on short notice even to overseas customers.
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