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Packaging and Shipping

Non‐frozen products are packaged in insulated shippers, e.g. ThermoSafe E‐38 shippers, with additional packaging materials, including an adequate number of ambient temperature or refrigerated gel packs to maintain the customer‐defined temperature range during shipment.
Frozen products are packaged in insulated shippers, e.g. ThermoSafe E‐48 shippers, with an adequate amount of dry ice to maintain a frozen state during shipment.
Customers may provide their preferred validated and/or ‘conditionable’ shipping containers, e.g. Credo shippers that we will precondition and package in accordance with their requirements.
Packaging fees are $75 for non‐frozen shipments and $100 for frozen shipments. This covers the cost of the shipper, labor and dry ice as needed. For customers who provide shipping containers these costs are not applied.
Most shipments are sent via FedEx for First Overnight or Priority Overnight delivery in the US as directed by the customer. At the customer’s direction, another courier e.g. UPS or World Courier will be used. Overseas shipment options, including courier, transit time, delivery time, re‐icing options, and costs, are provided to the customer for their selection.
We can also arrange transport using commercial passenger airlines with an on‐board courier to minimize handling and allow reduced shipment times. With the latter option, transport times to Europe and Australia are less than 36 hours from end of collection to product receipt.
Shipping charges can be billed directly to the customer’s courier account. Alternatively, they may be charged to Key Biologics’ account and passed through to the customer with a 10% markup.
Tracking updates are provided to the customer by the courier as possible and also by Key Biologics’ personnel who monitor the status of the shipment in route as closely as possible.
The following are usually included in the shipping container with the product: Packing List, product yield sheet (CBC results), and apheresis product collection record, as applicable. If performed, flow analysis of products, e.g. cell yield, purity, and viability are generally available next day and are sent electronically to the customer. Infectious disease test results are also generally available next day and sent electronically to the customer.
Additionally materials, such as a Certificate of Analysis can be provided with the product. COA templates are developed with input from the customer to ensure that required information and formatting are included.
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