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Biological Raw Materials for Research or Development of Cell-based Therapeutics

Welcome to Key Biologics. Our work advances life science from discovery, through research and development, to curing disease. We are a privately owned business that is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.
Interested in participating in a research study or being a blood donor? 
Looking for leukopaks, platelets, red blood cells or other blood products and biomaterials to support research or commercial development? 
To advance life science from discovery, through R&D, and into curing disease.
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Highly trained professionals perform cellular and blood-component collection services.
Bio Materials
If you are looking for leukopaks, platelets, red blood cells or other blood products to support your research and goals.
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Blood products are collected from individuals screened in accordance with the FDA’s current requirements and recommendations for donors of blood products intended for transfusion in the US. Health history of prospective blood product donors is assessed prior to each collection by soliciting the individual’s responses to 50+ questions on Key Biologics’ Health History Record which includes all questions on the current FDA-approved health history questionnaire used to screen donors of transfusable components. Key Biologics’ Health History Record also includes several questions approved by the FDA to screen donors of tissue for transplantation.
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