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Key Biologics' goal and our clients' goals are the same: to advance life science from discovery, through R&D, and into curing disease. We provide unique and high-value human-derived biomaterials (cells and blood components) derived from human blood, umbilical cord, and in the near future, bone marrow. In that effort, Key Biologics supports the work of researchers worldwide at major universities, in early-stage biotech companies, and in large drug companies. Provision of these blood products makes possible first-in-human clinical trials of biological drugs that may one day cure blood disorders such as sickle cell disease and some forms of cancer and vaccines that may one day prevent malaria.
To be eligible to donate, you must be in good health and meet other requirements for donation of blood for transfusion. To participate in a research study, you must read, understand and sign an informed consent document that will be explained to you in detail by a member of our staff.
Paid Compensation:
Individuals who make blood donations and participate in our research studies are compensated for their time and effort. Prior to scheduling a blood product collection, the specific compensation schedule is provided to the individual. Compensation varies based on the type of blood products collected along with the amount of time needed to perform the collection. Some studies require a participant to make several visits to Key Biologics while others require only a single visit. Visits can take from 45 minutes to four hours based on the study and the activity associated with the visit.

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Key Biologics provides blood products that meet each of our customer’s defined specifications allowing them to advance medical research in a cost-efficient and time-efficient manner. Our customers are at the forefront of medical research and products provided by our donors support the research that may lead to future cures.
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If you are interested in being a donor or research study participant, call today and schedule an appointment to learn more about our opportunities. Your participation could one day help treat cancer and sickle cell disease and  help develop an effective vaccine for malaria. Make a difference today!
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